The Elegance In DIY

Contemplating between having an elegant or DIY wedding? Why not both? Heather and Nicholas made this possible. From the paper flowers scattered through the venue down to the cotton candy station – it was amazing.

Little Pumpkins Of Love

Aside from the couple, other beautiful things that we notice in weddings are food, music and decors. These things have the power to revive the whole ambiance of any event. At Sarah and Kevin’s wedding, mini pumpkins had a unique appearance.

Soft and Sweet Hues

If I were to describe the details, decors, and colors of this wedding I’d say they were soft and sweet. There’s nothing too stand-out, even with the gallant use of metallic as accents everything just harmonized perfectly with each other. This highlighted the classic touches and thus made the event look very elegant and romantic. Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding, Melissa & Steven!

Love Letters & a Wedding

I’ve seen many first look photos, all of which emits an amazing reaction from both parties. Usually, both are rendered speechless and all they could do is just hug and kiss each other. It truly is a very special moment but when emotions get overwhelming and words fail, express your love by having a love letter in hand. The intimacy and feelings brought upon by the first look added by the love expressed from the letters – it will truly be a moment that you and your beau will never ever forget. That’s what our couple, Michelle & Matthew did. I’m sure their wedding was elegant and amazing – the pictures speak for themselves – but I believe that one thing that really stuck in their minds about that day is the moment when they stood back to back against each other while reading their letters. You don’t need to know what’s written in them to say that this couple’s love will reach great heights. Congratulations Michelle & Matthew!