Elegance and Heartwarming Moments

What we have here today is a traditional and elegant wedding that had some of the most heartwarming moments captured on camera. Seeing your parents cry, may it be for a sad or happy cause, is a vision their kids will never forget. So when Sidney, our bride, had her first look with her step-dad and he cried tears of joy, it truly became a scene that everyone who bears witness will cherish forever – I know we did even just by looking at one photo. It really is a sight to behold. Aside from this amazing moment, the wedding was also unforgettable due to it’s sophisticated elegant styling. The purples and blues were combined regally together all throughout the day and thus, creating a beautiful wedding event. Congratulations Sidney and Tyler!

White and Purple for a Rustic Wedding

Sporadic rain showers can be a bride’s worst nightmare or if she’s equipped with the right mindset and awesome people who knows their way around an unpredictable occurrence, rain can become an asset for unique and amazing wedding photos. But even without the rain, Mallory & Brent’s wedding was already awesome on it’s own. With deep purple, grey, and white accents, it looked elegant and chic. Our bride wanted her wedding to stand out and it did so in the best ways. Then you add in the rain effect in the equation and we have quite an outstanding event. Congratulations Mallory & Brent!

Vibrant Lights and Timeless Pieces

It was a fine, bright, and beautiful day when our couple, Traci and Grey, got married. I love how everything was illuminated by natural sunlight that it felt like such a lighthearted and joyful wedding. And this vibe and setting matched with the timeless and classic details created such elegance despite the simplicity. One good illustration of this description is the ceremony venue – with it’s great and beautiful layout and the big windows that allowed entry of sunshine – it was definitely a perfect start for the rest of the day. Congratulations Traci and Grey!

Perfecting DIY and Elegance

Being artsy and crafty on your wedding details is one of the growing trends for decorating your special day. Not only is it fun to do with your friends and family, but there’s this certain kind of pleasure you can get upon seeing your guests enjoy and coo over your creations. However, DIY decors usually give out some sort of casual vibe so it’s a bit tricky to maintain elegance with this vision in mind. But fret not our dear readers! For our feature today is about a wedding that has perfected DIY and elegance (add some ‘vintage’ too for a little bit of oomph). We’ll let the pictures do all the talking – for now. Oh and before we let you scroll down, I wanted to point out how cute the little pink bowties the groom and his entourage wore. Adorable! Congratulations Kylene & Jared!

A Luxurious Spring Wedding

I know the weather is getting quite chilly so our feature today can serve as a nice reminder of one thing to look forward to in the upcoming months – spring! This elegant wedding was adorned with what makes that certain season beautiful, flowers. Lots of flowers. The cake was subtly designed with embossed floral details. The reception tables were adorned with it as well. And lastly, the portraits were taken in a lovely garden that had blossoms in purple, orange, and white. Ah, this just makes you long for the return of spring. Anyway, congratulations Jessica & Kristopher!