An Orchard And A Wedding

Roses are red, apples are red, Karin and Matthew’s motif is, well, scarlet red. The couple had a wedding at a beautiful orchard wedding complete with the scarlet and grey motif to represent Ohio, particularly Ohio State University. Red, grey, and ivory speaks vintage when matched together — maybe the reason they had vintage cars bring the entourage to the ceremony and reception, so classy! And let me just compliment Karin’s wedding dress – I adore the way the dress hugged her body in a subtle and classy way.

Sophisticated Beach-Themed Wedding

Lane and Eric may not have had their wedding at the beach, but they did have a beach-themed wedding. Their reception is something you’d think how fairytale mermaid princesses do their parties under the sea. Scarlet corals and starfish were the centers of each table, and balloon fishes hovering the place (clever and unique!). If you never thought beach themed weddings can be as elegant well just scroll through Lane and Eric’s wedding gallery and be proved wrong.

Love Letters & a Wedding

I’ve seen many first look photos, all of which emits an amazing reaction from both parties. Usually, both are rendered speechless and all they could do is just hug and kiss each other. It truly is a very special moment but when emotions get overwhelming and words fail, express your love by having a love letter in hand. The intimacy and feelings brought upon by the first look added by the love expressed from the letters – it will truly be a moment that you and your beau will never ever forget. That’s what our couple, Michelle & Matthew did. I’m sure their wedding was elegant and amazing – the pictures speak for themselves – but I believe that one thing that really stuck in their minds about that day is the moment when they stood back to back against each other while reading their letters. You don’t need to know what’s written in them to say that this couple’s love will reach great heights. Congratulations Michelle & Matthew!

Happily Ever After

When you hear the words “Happily Ever After”, you get transported back to the time when you lie in bed reading books about princes and princesses getting married and having their happy ending. So automatically, we associate this statement with castles, luxury, and love – and this wedding pretty much nailed all these description. The castle was in the form of their wedding cake with the inscriptions piped around the tiers. The luxury was evident throughout the day with the decors, details, and the ensembles. I love the white-on-white tandem of our bride and groom! I also love the floor length, one shoulder, deep blue dresses their bridesmaids wore. It looked so regal. And of course, the love was brought to you by our lovely couple Christina & Drew- the couple that is now living their happily ever after. Congratulations you two!