Nature’s Neutral

Do you like hills and cactuses? Then you’re up for a treat with today’s set! From green backdrops to a brown card holder, Jen and Cory’s wedding featured nature’s almost every possible shade! I like how everything came together! The ladies’ succulent accented bouquets are my favorite! Scroll all the way down, and you’ll swoon over the Desert Botanical Garden (mentally listing that down as one unique wedding venue!). This garden wedding is as fascinating as it can be, and we have snaps from Gideon Photography to show it!

Winter Memories!

A heartfelt toast to the love so big of Tina and Matt at Bastille Kitchen. Tears were shed out of the abundance of joy by their closest family and friends. It was a gorgeous wedding day of sixty degrees of December and was very memorable to everybody who have felt and received the winter memories! Take a scroll down readers for the perfect moments captured by Brooke Ellen Photography. Enjoy!

When Artists Wed

Malissa is creative, bold, and caring while Eric is artistic, adventurous, and peaceful. As a couple, they are unstoppable, dynamic, unique, and fun. These two artists wanted to have a wedding that looked and felt like them. As the bride shares, the entire vision and execution of all decor was their common vision, down to the boarder of the wedding invitation being original art that they created together. You bet, this is the most artistic wedding we’ve ever seen. Congratulations, Malissa and Eric for pulling it off! May you as well pull of an incredible and amazing married life!

Through The Enchanted Forest

Transforming a science center into a woodland is no easy task. But, Mary and Robert made it possible – an enchanted forest in the middle of a concrete jungle. The warmth of the occasion was felt in all the elements that were fashioned harmoniously with each other. Personally, their table centerpieces had me in awe. It’s flowers of deep burgundies, greens, and dark mauves were illuminated flickering candle lights They even decorated the ceiling with organic floras. Join me in looking through their wedding photos, and let us all fall in wonder. Best wishes from today until forever, Mary and Rob!